From an ordinary manufactor to a well known brandname

Once upon a time there was a company in Hillerstorp, Småland that manufactured mesh wall systems. But they were not the only ones. All were proficient in their own way, but the product was basically the same from one company to the next. This made customers unsure of which manufacturer to choose and why. More often than not they chose the cheapest alternative.

Axelent knew this was unsustainable in the long-term. If everything just hinged on a low price then everyone would have to work harder and earn less while looking over their shoulder in fear of another supplier overtaking them on the cheap inside lane. This crass reality was something this company wanted no part of.

In 1999, the old logo was replaced by two arrows that come together to form an X. The purpose was to symbolise the company’s speed when handling everything from incoming orders and inquiries to complete outgoing deliveries. The typeface in the logo would be in italics to emphasise the sense of speed and movement, and the black and yellow colour combination communicates caution and attention.

 Read The Story of Axelent in our book “How an X can conquer an entire world” here!

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