Safety, Speed and smart solutions – Aiming for the world

But Axelent has been shaped by more than just its values, it has also been shaped by its roots, history and its context. Axelent is a part of a greater whole. A six person team in the small town of Hillerstorp in Sweden, has now grown to 300 strong in 60 countries spread across the globe.

The Axelent spirit, with its focus on dedication, business sense, high ethical standards and empathy, is a common thread that permeates all of our local offices. This movie shows part of an article from our newly launched book. The book provides an account of Axelent's 30-year history. It takes a deep dive into the company’s expansive development and shows how values such as speed, precision and boldness have taken the company to where it is today.

Axelent is a part of a geographical region, a society, a trend in industrial development and familiar events that many can relate to. The book highlights the company’s strong connection to the region, with all its colourful entrepreneurs and successful businesses, to Sweden’s general industrial development, the nation-wide influence of the ‘Spirit of Gnosjö’ and the future challenges that we will now face together. The book is a historical document that provides a platform for Axelent as well as a springboard for future development. Thirty years of growth to build on.  

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