Creating the world’s safest workplaces by putting people first


The way we meet our customers, colleagues and suppliers is the same throughout the organization. 

"If something does not work, we learn from that and we try again"

We show commitment to our work. We are flexible and we do things with energy. We don’t focus on how things should be done in theory, but we are passionate about improving our business in the real world. We have a strong drive to develop and to make a difference and seek innovative solutions, always with our customer’s best interest in mind.

We are brave and we are the challenger in the market. We have reached this point by being passionate, sincere to ourselves - our surroundings and heritage. 

We take personal responsibility for our actions and result. If something does not work, we learn from that and we try again. Our ambition is to be a leader; to create the world’s safest workplaces for our customers, the best business opportunities for our suppliers and the best development for our team.  

Always guaranteeing quality, customer focus and sustainability. When we find a problem, we think of a solution with a proactive service minded attitude.

We seek long-term partnerships with everyone we work with! Read more about our sustainability work, our culture and values here.


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