Axelents first Safety Webinar


Any perfect cage has a weak point: removable parts and doors. When it comes to machine housings and guard fencing the need for access calls for removable or moving guards.  

What are the safety requirements and how should you go about selecting the right solution? 

Our 20-minute webinar presents the key rules for access to guarded areas from international standards based on the reason for access and its frequency. Learn what to consider when selecting and designing the right solution for frequent, temporary, or occasional access to hazard zones.

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SAVE THE DATE - Axelent Safety Webinar 25th of October at CET 11:00 am

The topic is “How industrial barriers help ensure safe traffic”

What does safety mean to you?

Our safety culture involves knowledge, awareness of risks and the will to reduce them.

La volontà di proteggere gli altri oltre a noi stessi 

Il concetto di sicurezza pratica è insito in gran parte di ciò che si fa nella tua vita quotidiana 

La sicurezza consiste nel prendersi cura l'uno dell'altro

Il modo in cui guardiamo alla sicurezza è definito dal modo in cui viviamo le nostre vite, si rif...