The L-shaped front profile of the shelf allows the shelf to remain stable in the rack, without having to be screwed in place. This facilitates when your warehouse needs to be rebuilt or rearranged. The shelves can also be customized to your business needs.

The practical and stable design is adapted to make handling as safe and smooth as possible. An example of this is the shelf’s overlying wires that are faced in a direction that make loading and unloading of the goods easy.

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As for ShelfStore, they are designed to give you as stable and practical warehousing as possible, whether it is storage of small goods or inventories on pallets. The mesh shelves are made in 13 different variants, where you can choose between two different sizes of mesh, 50x100 or 60x125 mm. ShelfStore is built to support weights up to 1 000 kilos per shelf. The smart design of the mesh panel prevents accumulating dust and allows water to easily pass through the shelf, which may be a requirement if you have a sprinkler system installed.




Optimized storage with Axelent ShelfStore

Axelent’s ShelfStore is created to secure safer warehouse environments. A product that facilitate operations, optimise warehouse storage and create safer workplaces. In our product range for warehouses you will find everything from different forms of dividers and impact protection to LED lighting and mesh shelf panels.

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