Triple sliding door with 3-step rail - for large openings where space is lacking

All Axelent’s guard doors fulfill the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC’s requirements for movable guards on the market. From our range of safety doors, the triple sliding door with 3-step rail is ideal in cases where large openings are desired but where space is lacking laterally. Instead of the door leaves sliding sideways, they overlap each other and are linked together. In the open position, the door leaves are thus collected on a limited surface.


When is the triple sliding door with 3-step rail the best choice?

A triple sliding door with 3-step rail can be advantageously used when there is no space to open the safety door like a regular passage door. The door can be adapted to different opening dimensions.

The advantage of all doors in Axelent's range – the triple sliding door with 3-step rail is no exception to this - is that you do not need any specific panels for the doors. Fixed fencing panels can be converted into a sliding door.

Watch our installation movie or read more about the product here.


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