Portable panels is a flexible system when you need to divide spaces or people

26 ago 2021 • Protezione delle macchine

Portable panels is a flexible system when you need to divide spaces or people

Hence the panels and screens are portable the system gives you big flexibility and you can easily combine several screens to have wider dividers.


The only thing you have to add to get this option is the base (The base does not include posts and panel.)


The base is adjustable for panel widths of between 1000-1500 mm. The standard panel height is 2200 mm and are available in sheet metal, sheet metal with window, plastic (PETG) and mesh.
(Our plastic panels (PETG) can withstand temperatures of up to 60 degrees and are available in transparent plastic.)

It is designed for our standard 50x50 mm posts. To retain our normal floor gap of 100 mm, use the P51-225 post. All other posts give a floor gap of 150 mm.


Please note, this product is not meant for continuous use or to replace fixed machine guards.


For more info about this product – Please contact our sales team!

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