Improved SafeStore for safer warehouses

Warehouses can be dangerous environments if the safety is inadequate. Pallets, goods or objects may fall from high altitudes causing both serious personal injuries and damage to interiors and equipment. Costly accidents that are devastating for the people involved.



By attaching the SafeStore anti-collapse protection onto your racking accidents like these are prevented. It is an easy yet smart solution to create safe and tidy rack storage. SafeStore is used in all types of warehouses throughout the world, from the small manually operated ones to the large automated crane storages.

The SafeStore system is based on six standard sections of mesh panels that can be adapted to almost all modern racking systems. There are two different types of mesh apertures, 50 x 30 mm or 50 x 60 mm, and the panels can also be cut for optimal fit.






Each section is attached with brackets to the posts and bolted to each other vertically to the required height and width. This year Axelent is introducing a new and improved bracket to the SafeStore system. The redesigned version comes in the exact same measurements as the previous bracket, and is therefore fully compatible. Some extra material is added to strengthen the safety aspect. The new design ensures a better, more secure and firm position of the panel. The improved bracket is made of either 2 or 3 mm thick steel depending on which of the eight different lengths you choose.

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